Dr. Copenhaver has been a dentist since 1976, and has extensive experience in treating adults and children,  He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the American Association of Cranio-Facial pain, the American Association of Orthodontists (Board Certified), the American Dental Association, and The Collin County Dental Society.

we use the most advanced equipment:

The EccoVision Acoustic Pharyngometer is the MOST  advanced sonographic imager available. 

With it, we can precisely measure your lower jaw movement to get to that "just right" position  for your night appliance.  Other doctors use the 60% rule which is OK.. when it works.. but what about when it doesn't??  We prefer our method to the WAG ( wild ass guess), AND SO WILL YOU!

THE EMBALTA HOME SLEEP STUDY MACHINE - Why go to an expensive sleep lab for and uncomfortable night's sleep , when we can get similar if not better results with our "take home" sleep study machine.  We will show you how to put on four simple but very advanced leads that will measure every parameter necessary to diagnose sleep problems._  With this information we can have a boarded sleep physician "read" the home sleep study and give a recommendation for treatment.  Most people can be treated with Oral appliances.

Respire Medical sleep appliance:  FDA approved and extensively tested, the Respire "blue" appliance is the gold standard for sleep appliances.  very comfortable and VERY effective.  Ask you doctor to look at the model, or check it out for yourself as

Another appliance that we use frequently is the SUAD appliance, which is more rigid and holds up better when the patient is a severe grinder..

Be assured that we will fit the proper appliance for YOUR best result!


We Have More Than 35 Years of Experience

We know there's nothing in the world that MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER than a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP!!

Our Custom, precisely calibrated appliances fit right from the lab without adjustment!  This is possible because we use a digital pharyngometer
We want you to wake up felling refreshed, ready to take on the world! - unabashed, confident, and rested!
At North Tx. Sleep Apnea, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to make that happen.